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About The Retreat

Join Cheryl Bailey and Lisa Lopez, as you explore the art of self-love and belonging through empathy and compassion.  Flow-through mindfulness, meditation, and the beauty of self-care for a well balanced life. 



Opening/Closing Ritual 

Set intentions.

Let go of what no longer serves you, and open yourself up for new beginnings. 

Nourish Your

Body &Soul

.  Enjoy delicious, healthy meals, as you rest, refresh, learn, and revive in beautiful Sedona



Begin each day with a gentle yoga flow and/or mindful connection with your body and your soul.

Hiking/Connect With Nature

Spend time with Mother Nature out on the Red Rocks of Sedona and feel the powerful forces of the magical energies. 

Experiential Practices

Connect with like-minded women and immerse yourself in various activities to connect your mind, body and spirit.  

What will you experience during the retreat?

  • Begin your mornings with gentle yoga, meditation/mindfulness, Qi gong, gratitude connection and life flow intention setting  

  • Relax, rebalance and heal through the vibrational medicine from the crystal alchemy bowls 

  • Explore the profound beauty and secrets of nature, through guided mindful walks and the practice of Shinrin Yoku (forest bathing). Reconnect with nature, with your body, your senses, all your feelings and emotions.​


  • Engage in meaningful conversations and cultivate soul-centered relationships ​


  • Express your energy through a flow writing journey and creative workshops.

  • Relax and let go in the practice of Yoga Nidra, a guided meditative practice also known as "yogic sleep" to restore and heal the body. This guided meditation systematically guides and connects you with every level of your being.

  • Connect with your creative side and allow your inner landscape come alive as you paint on canvas

  • Travel to the various beautiful locations in Sedona to experience the energies she offers. Spend time near the creek or on the land hiking.  

  • Engage in various workshops and classes guided to help you connect with your inner essence.  

  • Savor healthy chef-prepared delicious meals, as you rest, refresh, learn, share, and revive in the mystical healing energy and beauty of the red rocks in Sedona, Arizona. 

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