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Photo credit: Herbert Lopez
Self Love Retreat for Women
A Heart-Centered retreat to connect you to your true essence
September 28, - October 1, 2023
4 days/3 nights

Self-care is an expression of love

It's time to pause from your busy life without guilt or shame.  Taking a break from your family, work, and daily commitments is not selfish, it's SELFUL. Self-care is about giving your mind, body, and soul time to reset, recharge and renew so you can manage the inevitable challenges of life from a place of purpose instead of burnout.

It's time to make a change

We only have one life to live.  Getting stuck in a perpetual state of “doing,” results in anxiety, stress, and agitation.  Peace, ease, and calm are possible when you learn to do less and "be" more.  "Being" means giving yourself permission to focus on your health, wellbeing and happiness.

This is your first step

This retreat is to help you appreciate, love, and accept who you are. Come relax, unwind, and remember the benefits of putting yourself first.

We will be your guides in creating space for love, compassion and expansion. We are here to have fun, relax, and enjoy the quiet and the company of the group. We want you to dive into this experience with an open heart and mind. It's all about YOU. 

Join us at this special retreat

As women, we are stretched to our fullest capacity often taking care of so many others that we sometimes forget to care for ourselves. We forget that we are connected and a part of nature. We forget that we are wild women, full of soul.

What if I told you… your life’s purpose was to take care of your health and well-being which includes your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health. To be happy and luminously alive and feel this from the inside out because you practice self-care and self-love. This is obtainable for you! 

You must experience Sedona

Join Lisa and Cheryl in Sedona, AZ. Sedona is the perfect destination to support your healing journey.  There is something extraordinary that Sedona offers the soul. It nurtures individuals who seek to heal, connect, bring balance and create inner peace. Sedona’s natural beauty can never be overstated. She is magnified by the gorgeous, towering red rocks and the mystical energy they hold. Whether you are looking for a place to connect with nature and the outdoors or reconnect with yourself and your deepest desires, Sedona will not disappoint.


This sacred land has long been known as a spiritual power center because of the vortexes of subtle energy coming from the surface of the earth.  Simply being outside with nature is very special as you will truly witness some of the Creator’s wondrous manifestations. This place was specially chosen by both Cheryl and Lisa to hold this sacred women’s retreat as it is a place of incredible transformation.


During this retreat, spend 4 days/3 nights at a gorgeous Airbnb in Sedona known as the Satsang house. The Satsang House is a luxurious five-bedroom/5 bathroom 5,171 square foot newly remodeled home that has been designed around a Feng Shui Bagua Map using 300-year-old posts, situated high above the Sedona valley floor.


There truly is no place like this stunning retreat Center. It is set amidst the stunning vibrant formations of Sedona's magical and breathtaking Red Rock Mountains. Satsang House, Sedona is far more than just a destination. It's a place where breathtaking natural beauty connects with the spiritual realm.

The Satsang house was created for you to reconnect to your true self and take a piece of Sedona's enchanting spirit with you when you return home feeling uplifted, invigorated and connected.

Meet your retreat guides

Lisa Lopez

Cheryl Bailey


Give yourself the love you deserve. Come nurture yourself in the spectacular views and nature of Sedona.  

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